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Our Atmospheric Water Generators are delivered with one objective in mind to produce the maximum amount of purified drinking water while using a minimum amount of electricity. When hooking up an external water supply, the machine can produce purified drinking water making it a multi-functional machine.

It is important to be aware that your Atmospheric Water Generator is a humidity and temperature driven machine. This means the machine totally depends on the level of humidity in the air and the temperature to produce water.

Ideally, the humidity level should be at least 80% or above to achieve the machine’s peak performance. In places with lower humidity levels, the AWG machine will still produce water just not as quick, neither in places with higher levels of humidity.

In the house environment, good working levels of humidity tends to be in the kitchen area, near an open window or in more spacious rooms. This unit also performs well in an air-conditioned room, but it is recommended to open the window at night to make the room ventilated.

Because your Atmospheric Water Generator works by converting the humidity in the air to water, this unit also acts as a dehumidifier. Our AWG units utilize a multi-stage filtration process including UV and Reverse Osmosis.

We carry 2 different H/O atmospheric water generators:

Nu Water 30Nu Water 60

Nu Water 30 AWG