UV and Filters

Our dedication to providing high-quality, great tasting water to our consumers is accomplished by our unique multi-stage filtration system.

Reverse Osmosis Dow FiilterAs with any good atmospheric water generator, the filters in the units and UV lights must be changed periodically. We supply all of the replacement UV and filters you will need to make sure your machine is working for years to come.

Replacing filters should generally be once or twice a year. But that is purely based on usage. If you are running the awg unit 24/7, naturally you will replace filters more often than the suggested replacement.

The H/O units have filter indicators to let you know when they need to be changed

Commercial units will need to be checked according to the usage of the machine.


Filter Replacement

Ensure your atmospheric water generator consistently delivers high-quality, great-tasting water with our unique multi-stage filtration system. Regular replacement of UV lights and filters is essential for optimal performance.

Why Replace Filters?

Replacing filters and UV lights periodically ensures your machine operates efficiently for years. Typically, filters should be replaced once or twice a year, depending on usage. High-use machines may require more frequent changes.

Filter Indicators

Our home and office units feature filter indicators, alerting you when it’s time for a change. Commercial units require regular checks based on usage.

Shop Replacement Filters

Keep your machine running smoothly with our selection of replacement UV lights and filters. Visit Nu Image Solutions to purchase your replacement filters today.