Home and Office Filters

Our dedication to providing high-quality, great tasting water to our consumers is accomplished by our unique
multi-stage filtration system. It can remove odor and pollutants.


Anti-static / HEPA patented air-filter
Before air becomes water drop through condensation, the air must go through Anti-static air filter to
filter out dust particles and effectively block dust in the air from entering the machine.

LF2 zeolite + active carbon filter
This device can remove organic compound, dust and large particles in the air. It can also reduce
ammonia level in the water.

Bottom tank small filter
Removes large grain impurities in the water of bottom tank, to protect the water booster pump and make it service life longer.

Multi-stage filtration system
Our filter system not only can produce light alkaline water which is more pure without dirty sewage,
but also produces tasteful purified water with mineral and micro-elements which bring health to our body.

Pre-Carbon Filter
Remove different color and smell, residual chlorine halo-hydrocarbon and organic compounds

Post carbon filter
Removes further color, smell, residual chlorine etc., and improve and adjust water quality.

RO membrane
Mainly remove micro impurities, colloid, heavy metal, soluble solids, bacteria and other harmful substances.

TCR carbon filter
Provide micro-elements and minerals which are beneficial to human body health, raise
pH level to light alkaline, improve taste.