Nu Image Solutions is an Eco Friendly Company Providing Air to Water Services

We utilize state-of-the-art technology using Atmospheric Water Generators to create fresh drinking water
Nu Image Solutions acknowledges the global water pollution problem that is jeopardizing our environment and health
Our Mission

Our mission is to provide environmental Eco-friendly solutions to the global water crisis. Using state-of-the-art technology, we will provide people with a renewable source of fresh pure drinking water. Extracted from the air, making water available anywhere on demand and at a reasonable cost. Clean natural drinking water is becoming scarce and will continue to do so. According to the World Health Organization by 2025, half of the world’s population will be living in water-stressed areas. At Nu Image Solutions we have the ability to create colorless, odorless and transparent clean water.

The water generated has no heavy metals like rust, lead and mercury. No residual chlorine, trihalomethane, pesticide residue or chemical organic matter. Water pH levels are 7.2 – 7.5. Our technology at Nu Image Solutions taps into the atmosphere providing an unlimited, freely-available resource, to provide drinking water to people everywhere. We provide clean fresh drinking water to the most remote places and to commercial, industrial, home and offices nationwide. Our units produce 8 gallons to over 1300 gallons per day depending on the actual unit. We carry home and office as well as commercial and industrial.

Our Atmospheric Water Generator works by converting the humidity in the air to water, this unit also acts as a dehumidifier. Our AWG units utilize a multi-stage filtration process including UV and Reverse Osmosis. Our Atmospheric Water Generators are delivered with one objective in mind to produce the maximum amount of purified drinking water while using a minimum amount of electricity. When humidity levels are low you have the option of running external water into the machine where it  can still produce purified drinking water making it a multi-functional machine.

How Water Affects Daily Life

Water in a nutshell is life, it covers over 70% of the earth’s surface and inhabits millions of different species of animals and plants. Up to 60% of the human adult body is water, it is a fact that we cannot survive without it longer than 3 – 5 days. Which means we are consuming water daily in our life. It plays such a vital role from providing nutrients to the cells, regulating body temperature by sweating and respiration, lubricating the joints, aids in flushing waste through urination and acts as a shock absorber for the brain and spinal cord. There are so many ways water plays a healthy role in our everyday life.

And yet daily we face major water issues such as contamination and soon to be shortages. According to the World Health Organization by 2025, half of the world’s population will be living in water-stressed areas. The environmental effects are devastating we have waste and plastics floating in our oceans, rivers are polluted with chemicals and ground water creates contamination issues especially with people in rural areas, it’s their only freshwater source.

Ground water gets polluted when contaminants like pesticides, fertilizers to waste leached from landfills and septic systems make their way into a well, making it unsafe for human consumption. We have the capability to help eliminate these issues with our atmospheric water generators. Generate water on-demand filtering 99.9% of bacteria providing fresh water free of contaminates with great taste.

Benefits of Light Alkaline Water

Our machines produce light alkaline water with pH 7.2 – 7.5 by doing so it provides many benefits to the body. The water our machines produce will restore pH balance by eliminating acidity levels in the body. It is super- hydrating because it produces micro-molecule clusters allowing the water to enter the cells more easily. The water is oxygen rich allowing increases in the amount of dissolved oxygen in the blood. Improve the body’s ability to absorb the most important nutrients and flush out acidic waste and toxins.

The water our awg’s create are high in negative ions allowing better alertness, increased energy and much better mental state. It also provides weight control. Our units create great tasting healthy water.

Light alkaline water super-hydrates the body and helps to dissolve toxins

Water is composed of multiple water molecules or clusters. Water that has 13-15 water molecules or more, are called macro-molecule. The water we drink daily, including tap water, purified water, mineral water and distilled water, all have 13 water molecules or more.

The water molecules are 2.6nm in diameter which will not pass through the hydrophilic channel to enter cells. Which means the body is not maximizing the intake of macro-molecule water. With water just sitting stagnant or stored the diameter will increase to 6nm.

Our water is micro-molecule composed of 5-7 small molecules with hexagonal shape and light alkaline water allowing the cells in the body to absorb the water.

Global Awareness

We have an excellent knowledge of the atmospheric water generator industry, we have partnered with some of the industry leading brands. We bring industry awareness to the mass population of the water problems occurring in different sectors of industries.

Focus on Solutions

Globally, over 800 million people lack access to clean water. Without clean, easily accessible water, families and communities are subject to sickness or possibly death. Water shortage is a major concern. We provide solutions to help eradicate these problems

Nu Image Solutions AWG – Advantages

+ Simple operation
+ Access on or off grid
+ No plumbing or piping
+ Reduces carbon footprint
+ Hot and Cold water function
+ Filters 99.9% of contaminates
+ Transfers easily as units are portable
+ Eliminates the risk of water contamination
+ Generates fresh drinking water cost effectively
+ Provides de-humidification, air and water purification
+ Optional energy sources such as solar and diesel generator
+ Minimizes environmental impact by eliminating the need to transport and store water

Plus much more…
How do Nu Water Atmospheric Water Generators work?

1. The Nu Water Atmospheric Water Generator first pulls air through the non-woven air filter, removing airborne particles.

2. The condensation unit takes this ambient humid air and condenses water vapor into liquid.

3. The machine then uses a carbon mesh filter to filter then the water goes to the bottom tank.

4. The machine collects the water into the bottom tank where it is filtered by UV to kill all bacterial contaminates.

5. The water is then pumped through a multi-stage filtration system including reverse osmosis (5 stages plus UV) providing minerals, great taste, antioxidant functions and high negative ion content for pure fresh drinking water.


Because the technology is humidity driven, the only disadvantages are it is not possible to create water in places with humidity lower than 35%. With our Nu Water machines you have the capability to still purify your water in cases where humidity levels are not at the minimum. We have a unit available to hook your city water and external water sources to our machines to filter your water.

Our Atmospheric Water Generators Do More Then Just Creating Water

Water Purifier

Air Dehumidifier

Air Purifier

Water Generator

Multi-Stage Filtration System

Create Your Own Source Of Renewable water